Participation and Commitment

  1. Every boy in grades k - 12 and girls in grades 5 through 8  from the towns of Rumson or Fair Haven will be given the opportunity to participate in the RFH Youth Lacrosse program.
  2. Participation in the K-2 grade levels is limited, unless under extraordinary circumstances, to the clinic level. Participation for grades 3-8 is limited to the grade of the player unless there are extraordinary circumstances. The very rare, extraordinary circumstance is to be judged at the discretion of the administration and relevant coaches. For example, if a player is deemed to be so far ahead of his peers that his participation with them would not benefit his growth, the growth of his team, or the growth of his opponents he may be allocated to a higher grade level. Any parent or guardian intentionally falsifying player birth date or grade in attempt to allow their player to "play up" may result in dismissal of that player from the program. Under no circumstances are players allowed to "play down" a grade level.
  3. At the 3rd -8th grade level RFHYL offers two levels of participation, Select travel and Local travel. The Select level is for those players, who at that time, are more developed and plays a schedule that travels around the state and occasionally out of state. Local travel offers an opportunity for players who are not as developed to develop skills and compete, and find success, against like competition in surrounding towns. Participation on a select team one year DOES NOT guarantee participation on that team in following years. Development and progress are recognized. Every year a portion of the select team roster will turn over. Under no circumstances will coaches be allowed to bias decisions or make promises based on relationships.
  4. RFH Youth Lacrosse strongly encourages multi-sport participation as the best way to develop athletes. At the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade level , both select and travel, every attempt should be made to allow players to participate in other seasonal sports as long as players are able to attend the majority of practices and games. At the upper grades, 6th -8th, participation at the select level demands the ability to attend every practice and game unless there are family, school,religious or medical reasons that they cannot attend. Notification of an inability to attend must be given to the coach of that respective team. Repeated absences or non-notification of an absence will result in lost playing time. At the 6th-8th select level missing practice and or a game because of another sport is NOT allowed. If a player can accommodate another sport around the Select schedule they are encouraged to do so. At the 5th-8th Local level more leeway is given to accommodate participation in other sports or activities. That being said the player is expected to make the majority of practices and games and notice must be given to the coach at the beginning of the season of schedule conflicts.
  5. At the 3rd and 4th grade level playing time should be equalized on a game by game basis as much as possible. Whether this is done by quarterly rotation or some other method is at the discretion of the coach. Each player should be exposed to different positions and one player should not be allowed to dominate the time at one position or function . The one exception to the policy is the position of goalie.
  6. At the 5th- 8th grade levels as players begin to specialize positions and the games begin to incorporate different situations playing time within each game will not be equal. Playing time will be equalized over the course of the season. In games that are more competitive the more advanced players will get more time. In games that are not as competitive the kids that are not as developed receive more playing time. The purpose is to put every player in situations where they can compete and have success. That being said every player will receive playing time in every game.

About RFH Youth Lacrosse

We provide a fun, safe, instructive, competitive environment for any boy in grades Kindergarten through 12th and any eligible girl in grades 5th -8th who lives in Rumson/Fair Haven and who wants to learn, and participate in, the sport of lacrosse. RFH Lacrosse Youth Lacrosse is a registered 501c3 and completely parent/donor funded.

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