Parent FAQs

Where do families find most of the information about the program?

Please visit our website at It is the portal we use for sign up, schedules, program fees, levels of play and the dissemination of information across our program.


Who is allowed to participate?

Boys K-12th grade whose families are legal residents of either Rumson or Fair Haven are eligible to play.


What is the goal of the organization?

Please see our Mission Statement in the “Program Info” tab of our website.


What options are available to my child in terms of playing?

We give kids the opportunity to challenge themselves at different levels from kindergarten through 8th grade.  We have an educational program for our youngest kids, K – 2nd.  It is designed to give all kids an introduction to the game and a base set of skills to enjoy lacrosse.  We begin to transition kids in 3rd - 4th grade to our local and travel programs.  Local programs are designed to allow kids to continue to learn and enjoy the game while playing teams from our surrounding area in the Coastal Lacrosse League (new for 2016).  The Coastal Lacrosse League is comprised of teams from throughout the New Jersey counties of Monmouth and Ocean. The goals of the CLL are to promote the sport of lacrosse through participation, sportsmanship, and excellence. The mission of the CLL is to bring together local town recreational programs in the spirit of fair play. Visit for more information (site still under construction).  The Select Travel program is designed for kids to continue to learn while playing a competitive statewide schedule against some of the best teams in NJ, CT, DE, PA and Long Island.  It requires a significant time commitment by parents and players.  See the “Player Commitment” button under the “Program Info” tab.


How are fees to play determined annually?

Fees are set for our youth programs each year based on current program needs.  Fees are also reviewed each year against other youth programs across the tri state area that is similar to ours.  Families in need of financial assistance can seek confidential help through our website (We are currently updating this section)


Where do we buy equipment?

In order to help families with the overall cost of playing lacrosse, we annually offer an equipment purchase day, generally prior to the season starting in January.  It gives our families the ability to purchase quality equipment at a deeply discounted “bulk” price.  There are a number of websites that sell equipment as well as the local Lacrosse Unlimited Store in Red Bank.  We generally will also receive an in-store discount for our program at the store prior to the season.


How do I help my son become a better player?

A curriculum has been designed, as a reference for Parents, Players and Coaches illustrating what skills a player at a certain age should be working towards.  The curriculum has links to drills and instructions to assist in player development.  Every player develops differently so this is only to be used as a simple guidepost for developing the building blocks for becoming a skilled and knowledgeable lacrosse player.


Are there options for my son to play outside of the RFHYL program?

There are a number of club team options available to parents and players during the summer all of which we believe are very personal decisions.  Cost, time, travel, etc. are all important considerations each family must take in to account.  Most offer training throughout the year, including local opportunities as well.  Programs are run by a number of organizations throughout NJ.  Blue Star, Leading Edge, Tri-State and United to name a few.  Additionally, some coaches combine with other programs and have run club type teams for their players.  Discuss with your coach or any of us on the board if you would like our perspective or guidance.


Who do I contact if I have a problem with how my son’s experience is going?

Please speak with your coach and describe your concern.  If you do not feel satisfied with his response over time, please do not hesitate to reach out to a board member.  Please visit our website  Program Info tab and Code of Conduct button.


What is expected from Players, Parents and Coaches?

Please visit our website Program Info tab and Code of Conduct button.


How Do I become involved?

RFHYL needs coaches, particularly at the younger ages - No experience necessary! If you understand basketball, soccer or hockey, many of the concepts are similar.  More experienced coaches will be there to help and educate you on necessary skills and drills at each age group.  The success of the program depends on help from within the community.


What is the structure of Rumson-Fair Haven Youth Lacrosse?

It is a 501-C3 organized under Federal and State laws.   See “Documents” tab of our website.


Do we have standard bylaws, financials and a board of trustees that is typical of a 501-C3?

Yes, we have bylaws that are used as a guidepost for the administration of the organization.  Additionally, we have a CPA firm that does our tax and IRS compliance work annually, and a board, including legal counsel, that helps lead the organization.  Bylaws and financial summary information are available upon request.  Contact with inquiries.


Who is the current board of trustees?

Members are listed on our website on the Governance page.  They have been part of the organization for a number of years in different capacities and have a deep understanding of the character and focus of the organization.


Who makes key decisions regarding the organization?

We have a formal board that deals with broader organizational needs and, issues impacting our organization from around the state and US.  We pride ourselves on being an inclusive organization and utilize a series of committees to make the bulk of the decisions regarding the operations of the programs.  The committees are comprised of volunteers (generally coaches) and have broad representation across our youth and high school programs.  The main operating committee is the Steering Committee, additionally, there is a Scheduling Committee, Grievance and Code of Conduct Committee and Fund Raising Committee.  Members of each committee are listed on the website on the Governance page (these are usually available after the first of the year).  If you are interested in helping, please reach out to a committee member or board member.


What is unique to our program vs. others you may see across the state?

The Rumson-Fair Youth Lacrosse Program is the single body managing the operations of both our grade school, middle school and high school programs.  We have 3 teams at RFH HS – Freshmen, JV and Varsity who play interscholastically.  The RFH Board of Education does not fund the HS teams.  Our high school programs are funded privately by parents and fund raising under the RFHYL umbrella. We therefore are responsible for lacrosse at all ages operationally.



About RFH Youth Lacrosse

We provide a fun, safe, instructive, competitive environment for any boy in grades Kindergarten through 12th and any eligible girl in grades 5th -8th who lives in Rumson/Fair Haven and who wants to learn, and participate in, the sport of lacrosse. RFH Lacrosse Youth Lacrosse is a registered 501c3 and completely parent/donor funded.

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