Welcome to the 6th Grade 2022 Lacrosse Page

Coaching Philosophies for 6th Grade RFH: 

We are grateful for having coaching mentors such as Jamie Munro, Tony Holler, and Marc Moreau who have helped shape our youth program.  We believe that:

Kids can learn without being told what to do.  We let the environment (practice structure) do the teaching. We vary this structure to challenge kids in new ways and kids intuitively learn the fundamentals needed to succeed.  They apply these fundaments to solve problems on the field.

When we are together in practice, we play live with as much game context as possible.  We compete in chaotic situations because that is how the game goes.  There are no cones, drills, or empty nets in our games, so we don't practice that way.

If we are successful, the kids will love the game.   Love of the game builds toughness, character, and camaraderie.



Principles We Win By: Shoot more than your opponent with a higher scoring % - win every time.  

Offense: Take many good shots

  1. Possession: Take care of the ball -make the easy pass
  2. Passing: Assisted shots score at a higher percentage than unassisted shots
  3. Picking: Picks break pressure and force defenders to make decisions.
  4. Spacing:  Don’t jam up the middle -stretch the defense to make it hard to slide
  5. Read and react: Cutting and off-ball action will facilitate ball movement

Defense: Give up only bad shots

  1. Force players to their weak hand -take away their strength
  2. Protect the middle -give up bad angle shots
  3. Be ready to help
  4. See your man and the ball
  5. Pressure the ball carrier